Get Positive Workshops

Get Positive: One Day Workshops from the Positive Birth Movement!

Pregnant and want to immerse yourself in Positivity?!

New from the Positive Birth Movement – Get Positive – one day workshops that will inspire you, fill you with confidence and help you to make plans for the positive birth you deserve.

This is a completely new kind of birth preparation – not a plastic pelvis in sight. At the PBM we think that your body already knows how to give birth but your mind needs a little attention. We want to help you challenge your negative expectations of childbirth and approach it with a new sense of confidence.

These one day workshops are run by our experienced PBM Facilitators, and are designed specifically to help pregnant women:

  • Challenge any existing negative expectations of birth
  • Fill up with excitement and positivity about the big day
  • Build a ‘Positive Birth Bag’ of resources to maximise chances of the best birth possible
  • Leave feeling strong, confident, and inspired.

Get Positive: Want to know more about the day?

Get Positive One Day Workshops are usually run on Saturdays or Sundays and run from 10am til 4.30pm. Places are limited to a maximum of 12 pregnant women. Workshops cost £55 per place (workshops outside of the UK may vary).

The day begins where you begin:

  • What do you already know – or think you know – about birth?
  • What will birth be like?
  • What stories have I heard, what have I been told about birth?
  • How might my expectations shape my experiences?

As a group you will explore and challenge your expectations, and air your fears. You will explore

  • how negative expectations might be affecting the way you prepare or even the way you birth.
  • You will also watch and discuss films and images of positive birth in all its many forms.
  • “How do I want my birth to be?”
  • “Can my birth be calm, or fun, or positive, or enjoyable, or triumphant, or even orgasmic?”
  • “What makes a birth ‘positive’?”

Later in the day you’ll work together to build a ‘Positive Birth Bag’ of resources and ideas, all designed to empower you with the information you need to maximise your chances of a positive birth. You’ll explore

  • the optimal conditions for labour and how to create them wherever you choose to birth.
  • issues around choice and your rights in childbirth.
  • why you matter and why birth plans matter
  • the hormones of labour
  • the relationship between mind and body
  • …plus be given great resources and ideas to explore in your own time

The day will close with a creative activity, for example making birth affirmations, to bring the group together and draw together the many threads of the day.

Throughout there will be lots of time to air thoughts, ideas, information and feelings. The facilitator will encourage a safe and open environment for sharing and learning from each other.

Our aim is that you will leave the day filled to the brim with both helpful information and positive energy.

DATE: 13th June 2015

TIME: 10am-4.30pm

WHERE: Tribe Porty (19 Windsor Place, Edinburgh, EH15 2AJ)

COST: £55


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