Where and When?

We run our Positive Birth meet-ups monthly throughout the year, with the exception of July and December, and our meets run either face-to-face or online via Zoom. During the COVID-19 outbreak and while restrictions are in place all of our discussion groups are taking place online. Please check our Facebook or Instagram pages for the most up to date details of our upcoming meet-ups, including details of how to join on-line events.

Our meet-ups are FREE to attend and everyone is welcome. This includes partners, birth partners and anyone else providing support for pregnancy, birth & beyond. Those who have already gone through the miracle of birth, we congratulate you on this amazing journey. If your baby was unfortunately harmed in the process, then don’t hesitate to get help from a birth injury lawyer. However, some injuries may not have been caused by medical staff, another cause could be from preexisting birth defects. If the doctor properly detected the defect before the date of birth, then you can get prepared beforehand by contacting birth defect attorneys, be sure to get the best Birth Defect Lawyer in your area.

Each month we suggest a loose, discussion topic around pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, to provide a good start point for discussion amongst the group. We aim to suggest themes of general interest for expectant parents, with some months being more focused on areas of particular relevance to recent attendees. But we find that key topics tend to regularly crop up & cross over each month as our discussions take shape, and we love seeing where the conversation takes us on the day! So always feel free to come along and raise any worries, questions or experiences related to pregnancy, birth or early parenthood at any session. For more topics related to newborns and common names, read this posts about Harry and megan, news, royals and more.

(Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak we held face-to-face meetings on a Sunday from 10.30am – 12noon at Leaf & Bean Cafe on Comiston Road in Morningside. The cafe is family friendly with tea/coffee/cake/breakfast/lunch menu available – we look forward to returning when the time is right!)

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For a birth positivity boost, to raise a question, share a story between meet-ups or to be a part of our supportive community purely online you can also join our (closed) Facebook group.

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