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Positive Birth Edinburgh is a local birth group providing professional and peer-led support in Edinburgh, the Lothians and beyond. We provide a safe place to share evidence-based information on birth choices and rights as well as birth experiences and stories. Our monthly meetings are free to attend, open and welcoming to all.

A positive birth means a birth in which a woman feels she has freedom of choice, access to accurate information, and that she is in control, powerful and respected. A birth that she approaches with a sense of calm and with an open mind, but without fear or dread, and that she then goes on to enjoy, and later remember with warmth and pride.

A positive birth does not have to be ‘natural’ or ‘drug free’ – it simply has to be informed from a place of positivity as opposed to fear. You can birth with positivity in hospital or at home, with or without medical intervention. You can have a positive caesarean, or a positive home water birth. Positive birth is about approaching birth realistically, having genuine choice, and feeling empowered by your experience.

Come along to a meeting, get in touch or follow us on Instagram or Facebook. to find out more about us and our supportive online community.

Our members

As a peer support group, it is you the members who make Positive Birth Edinburgh what it is, and whether it is to connect with other expectant parent, you have questions to ask or experiences to share you will find a welcoming and supportive group on hand to offer advice, listen, learn and share. Without a doubt a highlight of the group is the sharing of birth stories which we always welcome both in this Facebook group and at our meet ups.

Who is the group for?

We support and welcome people of all ethnicities, genders, religions, identities, ages and backgrounds. We welcome you if you are pregnant, have recently become a parent, are a birth partner, doula, birth worker, midwife, student or have an interest in birth. We support honest and open conversations and have a zero tolerance policy to anyone that does not respect other members and the ethos of our group. Connecting people together, informed choice, inclusivity, accessibility and support are at the heart of Positive Birth Edinburgh. Everyone is welcome.

A bit about us

The Positive Birth Edinburgh team is made up of both professional and peer supporters who have all been a part of the group from the outset. Kathryn Lawrence is a birth educator @daisyfoundationedinburgh who has worked with hundreds of families in the Lothians providing antenatal and postnatal education and support. Marcela De Leon Perez is an Edinburgh doula, pregnancy yoga and postnatal yoga teacher @mamagiveslight. Joined by peer supporters and positive birth veterans Jen Summers and Helena Carruthers our team also has experience as babywearing and breastfeeding peer supporters. We care passionately about the group, informed choice, peer support and positive birth – and we look forward to continuing our group meet ups online and in person again when we are able to do so.

Our history

Positive Birth Edinburgh has been running as a group for over five years and started out as a branch of The Positive Birth Movement for Edinburgh and the Lothians. In 2020 we became Positive Birth Edinburgh, enabling us to continue providing free support that is open to all.

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